Friday, May 15, 2009

Data Recovery Tips

Measures can be taken that lessen the blow when computer failure occurs. Understanding and recognizing warning signals can really make a difference for successful data recovery.Caution should always be used when dealing with hard drive failure or any other type of computer problem. Reacting with panic will usually make the problem worse. The best packaging material to use when sending out a drive is the original box it came in. If the drive came in an anti-static bag only, or was part of a desktop system, then using foam rubber would be your next logical choice. Remember to wrap the drive in an anti-static bag before packaging.
Too many times people use packaging materials that are not successful in keeping the drive safe such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts or paper. Bubble wrap can be used if you absolutely cannot get your hands on foam rubber. Just make sure that the drive is packaged in such a way that it cannot move around inside the box.
Do not ever assume that data recovery is impossible; even in the worst cases, such as natural disasters data recovery specialists have been able to retrieve valuable data.
Never remove the cover from the hard drive; this will only cause further damage.
Do not attempt data recovery with commonly available software utility programs.
Do not rest your computer on a moveable object or piece of furniture. Shock and vibration can result in serious damage to the hard drive.
Do not subject the drive to extreme temperatures changes both hot and cold.
In the case where a drive has been exposed to water, fire or even smoke do not try to power up, the situation calls for a professional.

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