Friday, May 15, 2009

Data Loss

Data loss
Data loss can cause companies to lose money and productivity while computers are inaccessible. How long can a company survive losing important data accessibility? Statistics say that ninety three percent of companies that experience data loss for more than ten days file for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. If the problem is dealt with immediately and the necessary precautions are taken before the disaster, data recovery can be quick and painless.

Internet Threats
Internet threats such as viruses and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks have become one of the most significant online risks today and have not shown any signs of ceasing. Steps to ensure data recovery can be taken to protect your business or personal computer from experiencing these types of problems.

Data Recovery
When you are sure that you have a computer problem but you are not sure what you are dealing with it is not recommended to take apart the system yourself; bigger problems are likely to occur when equipment is not handled properly. It is always best to have a qualified data recovery specialist handle this task. Disk assembly is a delicate process that requires a dust free operational environment and specialized equipment to ensure that data recovery is a success.

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